Another Forest welcomes you to a new philosophy in the garden and landscape design. The foundation of our brand name is also our origins. Whether it is a small flower box or a big garden, we are addressing all challenges according to the following principles: nature laws (FOREST), respect to each individual client (AN) and the differentiation of each case (OTHER), aiming for the best result.

Always respecting the environment, Another Forest provides you with premium garden services to fulfill your wishes in a unique way.


We understand that in order to realize our targets the necessary equipment is needed, equipment which ensures quality, comfort and most important of all, result. Another Forest in co-operation with the biggest machinery and tool companies makes our visit to your garden a pleasant experience with a successful outcome. Our state-of-the-art machinery in combination with its daily maintenance ensures efficiency in any type of landscape architecture work.



Our people are the key part of our success in Another Forest. We believe that by placing the right people in the right positions we complete a puzzle of courtesy, knowledge and dedication to each customer individually. Specialized scientists and technicians serve your needs daily with respect to your wishes and the challenges of your outdoor space.